Temporary power distribution throughout a worksite is a vital part of any project and the equipment used to do this has remained the same for some time. But little attention has been given to how this portable power equipment is being used and whether there are opportunities to improve performance, safety, reliability, or user-friendliness – until now.

Auckland based company Sitemate Power Systems, recognised that the temporary power options available to worksites across the country needed to evolve. They’ve now launched a new range of products that they say, sets the benchmark for portable power solutions.

“We knew from the outset that there was huge opportunity to improve on the currently available products, but to do it right we needed to start from scratch and make sure that the people who use this equipment every day were involved in the process – the input from NZ industry has been crucial in getting this right,” says Bruce Bailey, Sitemate’s Product Development Manager.

Sitemate began an in-depth product development process that drew on feedback and expertise from people in the construction, demolition, civil, events and electrical industries as well as from ports, mills and mines.

“It was important that this product range was designed and developed in New Zealand, by New Zealanders for the New Zealand market. We carefully selected the materials and specified a construction approach that changed the game, introducing advantages and features that had been asked for in this category for decades,” he says.

The result is a comprehensive, versatile and scalable temporary power solution that includes portable main distribution switchboards, temporary power boxes, portable supply outlet assemblies, LED chain lighting and a large range of accessories – all connected by industry-leading heavy-duty power leads.

The leads are available in lengths of 10, 15, 20 and 30 metres and either 32 Amp or 63 Amp with a copper braided screen ensuring maximum safety. They have all the attributes you’d expect from an industry leading cable and crucially, there is extensive stock on hand for customers and cable printing for identification and security is a free service.

Carefully Crafted

The in-depth product development is visible throughout the Sitemate range, says Sitemate Business Development Manager, Richard Collins. He highlights the selection of materials, commitment to quality construction and attention to detail as significant strengths of the portable power offer.

“We knew this equipment would be used in some very tough environments and had to stand the test of hard, long-term use. The construction needed to be super-rugged but still simple to use, move and store. This development approach is especially evident in the range of portable power boxes” says Collins.

The power box range is crafted from robust, impact resistant specially bonded polyethylene that is perfectly suited to New Zealand worksite conditions being UV treated and IP65 rated. All units are equipped with RCDs for added safety

There are 8 different sized units available, all are ‘plug and play’ and range from 10 to 250 Amp options. The outlet configurations cater for the most common applications in events, all building sites and large construction sites, however specific customisations are available on request.

“There are certain usability features that have been requested and welcomed by customers like the fact that stackable actually means stackable and outlet maintenance or swap-outs can be performed hassle-free from the outside with no need to open up the units. We also listened and designed in multiple handles that offer various carry options as well as delivering some cable management,” says Collins.

A significant design feature is the recessed aspect of the outlets which delivers superior weather protection and reduces the chance of damage through collision or tipping. Other improvements have been designed-in based on industry feedback, such as a stable footprint that minimises the risk of units toppling over, feet that can be anchored for added security and provide great ground clearance to avoid surface water or spills.

Scalable and Versatile

Sitemate’s temporary power solution can be inter-connected in a variety of formats to suit any worksite. The care and insight taken with design can be seen throughout the range from the rugged but easily deployed portable main distribution switchboard that manages the feed from generators or mains power, through to the smaller 32 Amp power boxes or strings of LED chain Lights.

“The LED chain lights are another great example of our careful design approach coupled with industry feedback. For a start, we knew that daisy chaining up to 150 metres was essential as was the standard 25 metre, 10 light per chain providing a maximum output of 200W per chain. We believe the robust construction, the zinc-coated protective cage along with the heavy-duty flexible cable makes our site lighting the most rugged on the market,” says Collins.

This new temporary power solution from Sitemate is completed by well-chosen and designed accessories that offer further versatility and ease to keeping sites safely powered and adaptable as projects progress.

2,3 and 5 channel cable protector ramps easily interlock and can deliver added safety and cable protection to sites, especially with long-sought-after corner pieces. All cables can be elevated and strung long distances with an assortment of lead hooks, brackets and stands, further reducing trip hazards or risk to leads.

Bruce Bailey is confident that Sitemate’s new solution is the step forward that temporary site power has needed for some time and is excited about plans for the future which will deliver even more value – including security and tracking features,  bolt on innovative accessories and ongoing product development.

For further information contact us on 09 282 2366 or email sales@sitematepower.co.nz