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Keep your load safe with truck load restraints and load binders for New Zealand roads

If you run a fleet of commercial or agricultural vehicles it is your responsibility to ensure that any loads you transport are safe on the road. Chain and Rigging supply a wide range of  load restraint systems to keep your loads secure and your vehicles in good working order.

If you are unsure which load binding product would be best, talk to our experienced team who can offer advice on the best choices. For example different products have different lashing ratings and your total lashing capacity must exceed the weight of your load.

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High quality safety chains and shackles for safe towing

If you run an agricultural vehicle with additional trucks or trailers then regulations state that you must have safety chains attached at all times. These chains must meet regulations for length and suitable attachment points.

Even if you are only towing a trailer for domestic purposes, hitching the boat, or heading out with the caravan for holidays, it is good practice to attach tow bar safety chains and shackles. This reduces the risk of your vehicle and whatever it is towing coming apart and also prevents the trailer from hitting the road if it does become unhitched.

Chain and Rigging stocks a wide range of load restraint equipment in Auckland

From straps to security Chain and Rigging has everything needed to keep your loads secure. Our range is suitable for everything from small domestic loads to heavy commercial loads and includes:

Ratchet load binder: uses a ratchet action for easy chain tensioning and small adjustments.

Lever Hook load binder: this type of binder relies more on strength in order to tighten chains, but has fewer moving parts and is easier to install.

Webbing type load binder: secure your loads with strong webbing and easy to use connections.

Clevis Grab Type Hook: used with tie down chains these hooks can be used with a variety of chain grades. This hook offers easy and secure connection.

Short Link Chain: this Grade 70 high tensile chain is considered the best chain for securing loads. Transport chain is gold plated to resist oxidation.

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