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Height Safety Equipment

Protect yourself and your workforce with high-quality height safety equipment
  • Harnesses and ropes
  • Mobile anchoring systems
  • Gear bags
  • Supplied across New Zealand

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Chain and Rigging supply equipment for working at height in a controlled and safe manner

When your job involves working at height you want to know that the equipment you are using is the best. Chain and Rigging offers height safety equipment including fall protection harnesses, climbing harnesses and rope, working at height lanyards and anchor systems.

Our equipment is suitable for:
Welders, construction workers, linesmen, tree surgeons, roofers and scaffolders.

Chain and Rigging can also test your working at height equipment regularly to ensure it is still in good working condition in our professional testing facility.

A full range of height safety equipment delivered New Zealand wide

Chain & Rigging offer a full range of working at height equipment including:

  • full body safety harnesses and sit harnesses for work positioning and fall arrest systems
  • safety belts, harnesses and lanyards including retractable lanyards
  • static Rope and dynamic rope
  • rope protectors to stop rope rubbing against sharp or rough surfaces
  • working helmets and climbing helmets
  • carabiners and pulleys
  • ascenders including chest and hand ascenders for smooth ascents and self-braking descenders
  • mobile anchoring systems
  • anchor points, rotating anchors and throwing bags for installing rope or anchor point in a treetop
  • sewn slings of various lengths
  • gear bags various sizes
  • rescue equipment

Whether you are looking for a tree climbing harness that will allow you full manoeuvrability while still keeping you safe, or a fall arrest system for added protection on high scaffolding, Chain and Rigging have you covered.

You can trust your working at height equipment to meet NZ standards

Chain and Rigging choose only the best suppliers and proven products to add to our catalogue. Choosing to buy your fall protection equipment and working at height tools from Chain and Rigging means that you get:

Equipment that meets local standards

Equipment that meets local standards – feel secure in the knowledge that all your equipment will meet New Zealand standards. Equipment is either manufactured in New Zealand or overseas by carefully selected companies.

High-quality manufacturing

All safety harnesses, working at heights anchor points and helmets are made to the highest standards with features such as ultra-strong stitch patterns and high-grade aluminum.

Competitive prices

Competitive prices – there shouldn’t really be a price on safety, but Chain and Rigging knows that every business needs to account for expenses. So we offer quality height safety equipment at competitive prices to ensure you can equip your team fully.

To ensure your fall protection when working from heights and other safety equipment will do its job, you should also get it checked regularly and the team at Chain and Rigging can make sure your gear is fully operational at our on-site testing facility.

If you are looking for height safety equipment and full body harness suppliers you can trust, talk to Chain and Rigging. Choose from our wide range and benefit from New Zealand wide delivery. You can also fully stock your business with lifting equipment,  load restraints, wire ropes and chains.

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