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In-house/Onsite Testing Service

Auckland’s experienced lifting equipment inspectors who cover Auckland and the upper North Island
  • 158 tonne test bed
  • Easy lifting equipment re-certification process
  • Mobile lifting equipment testers
  • We also supply certified lifting equipment and accessories

Our NZ Lifting Equipment Certifications adhere to the latest LEEA Code of Practice standards.  

Our priority is to keep you and your team safe at all times.


Keep staff and machinery safe with regular checks of your lifting equipment

When the work you do involves the potential dangers to workers and customers, it is important to ensure that your equipment is regularly checked and meets stringent standards. Regular checks also makes sure that the components in your lifting equipment are problem-free and will not cause damage or malfunctions to your machinery.

Chain and Rigging carries out independent testing for a range of lifting equipment either on site throughout the upper North Island or at our premises with our 158 tonne test bed. Our team can test a range of components including:

  • chain, lifting, web and round slings
  • Grade 80 and Grade 100 chain
  • rated shackles, rated chain and rated eye bolts and eye nuts
  • self locking hooks and swivel hooks
  • wire rope
  • chain blocks
  • lever hoists

Contact us today to arrange independent testing of your current equipment or talk to us about carrying out checks on any chain and rigging equipment you order from us.

Dedicated 158 tonne test bed at our Auckland premises for accurate testing

At Chain and Rigging we have a dedicated 158 tonne test bed at our Auckland premises that can be used for testing a wide range of lifting equipment.

This test bed allows us to carry out accurate testing to high levels to re-certify any equipment you already own from wire ropes and lifting chains to quick hitch attachments. It can also be used to carry out proof load testing before you use any lifting equipment to ensure it is up to the job.

Our team can also perform destruction tests as required.

Why choose Chain and Rigging to test your lifting equipment?

When you are dealing with matters that involve staff safety, choosing the right company to carry out your checks is imperative. Here are five reasons why you should choose Chain and Rigging for your lifting equipment inspections:

  1. Experience: Chain and Rigging have been in business for more than 40 years and has a wealth of experience and knowledge on heavy lifting products and load testing services.
  2. Professionalism: Chain and Rigging are  members of LEEA (Lifting Equipment Engineers Association). This means our testing is held to the highest standards both in New Zealand and internationally where applicable.
  3. Independence: Chain and Rigging offers independent, unbiased lifting gear inspection so you can rest assured that the results are accurate and safe.
  4. On site testing: don’t lose work time by having to send equipment away for testing. As mobile lifting equipment testers, Chain and Rigging can test a wide range of components on site to ensure minimal disruption.
  5. Clear certification: once testing has been carried out, Chain and Rigging can provide you with clear certification showing the test results. Data is available for comparison purposes showing the loads applied and duration during each test.

When you need to test or re-certify heavy lifting equipment talk to the experts at Chain and Rigging first. Contact us to arrange your quote or book your testing today.

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