Chain & Rigging’s Working Load Limit (W.L.L) chart is a useful guide when determining which chain, web or round sling is suitable for your lifting requirement.

Our W.L.L chart applies to general purpose chain slings made of chain and components manufactured to Grade 80 or Grade 100 specification with working load limits ranging from 1.12 to 81.9 tonnes or 1.4 to 49.4 tonnes respectively.  For selecting suitable flat web lifting slings and endless round slings refer to our chart for working load limits from 400 kilogrammes up to 25.2 tonnes.

With safety paramount, we have included some helpful reminders when using chain slings, basic rules for safe lifting, as well as the inspection and care of web lifting slings and chain sling maintenance.

Chain & Rigging has been in business for over 40 years and our team has a wealth of experience on heavy lifting products and load testing services. Download our pdf to help you find a sling in the correct lifting mode and load weight, or speak with us for lifting advice, sales and service.

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