Sitemate Power Systems are excited to launch a new addition to our expanding product range – the Sitemate Base (SMBASE). Designed for use with the Sitemate SM16 or SM17 Temporary Power units.

This Sitemate Base serves many purposes, it provides added elevation of the SM16 or SM17 units off the ground which is especially good in areas with a lot of high ground water, it also features a removable tray used for storing portable tool battery chargers keeping them safely tucked away, elevated and off the top to eliminate potential hazards.

The construction of the base is robust which makes it suitable on construction sites, mines and any other types of harsh environments.  It comes complete with fixing bolts and charging tray and is made from a tough non-conductive polyethylene.

Like the SM16 & SM17 the SMBASE also has a very stable footprint which minimises the risk of toppling, it has integrated anchoring points and M8 threaded inserts to secure the Sitemate temporary power units to it. Designed with safety in mind its cavity feature allows for easy cable management and its stackable construction allows for storage, space saving and transportation.

An added bonus with these units is that they are able to be connected to Sitemate Temporary Power units without the need for an electrician or having to send the unit back to the manufacturer.

To find out more about the new Sitemate Base (SMBASE) click on the link below or contact the team at Sitemate Power Systems for more information.