Sitemate portable power equipment provides solutions for construction sites, events, shows, ports and industry.  To complement the Sitemate range is the TUFFLITE LED Temporary Site Lighting, with 10 efficient 20W LED light fittings per 25m chain and available in either 16 Amp IEC, 10 or 15 Amp AS/NZS plug and connector configurations.

TUFFLITE has already proven itself a hit out in the industry. “Earlier this year we completed a shutdown and maintenance on the furnace of the Metal Coating Line” said Kelvin Potter, Electronics Technician at the NZ Steel Mill. “During past shutdowns, lighting has been poor and we had many complaints from the tradespeople working on the repairs. This year we installed Sitemate TUFFLITE into the furnace and was amazed with the amount of light produced. The quality of the fittings also ensured that no damage was incurred during the shutdown.”


Sitemate TUFFLITE has been designed and manufactured based on industry feedback. It has been constructed using heavy duty flexible cable, has a tough zinc plated protective cover and is IP65 rated for outdoor use.

Third Party tested and certified TUFFLITE has been impact tested to IK08 and meets the required AS/NZS standards for Temporary Protected Lighting.  TUFFLITE comes with a 2 year limited warranty, and luminaire’s are replaceable if required.

TUFFLITE’s can be interconnected up to 60 fittings (6 x 25m chains) with 2000 lumens per light fitting, and an overall 200 Watt output per 25m chain. Sitemate TUFFLITE’S are brighter than the rest!