Rigging Screw Galvanised
Rigging Screw Galvanised

Rigging Screw Galvanised


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Rigging screws are used to provide a means for length adjustment and for tensioning. They are also used with guys for masts, towers, other structures and engineering applications. Rigging screws generally have elongated eyes or clevis (Jaw) end fittings for connection to shackles, wire rope assemblies, pad eyes and the like. A central cross-hole is provided at the inner end of the thread and at each end of the body, which permits visual observation of the maximum permitted extended position of the end fitting. Rigging screw bodies are formed from tubular sections of steel and can have an almost infinite size range and scope for length adjustment. Size and adjustment of rigging screws is limited by the available end fittings. Additionally, rigging screws have the innate facility for continuing lubrication as the enclosed section of the body provides a suitable reservoir for grease or other lubrication. Hence, they have an advantage in relative corrosive applications such as ships rigging and permanent outdoor guys.

Load Rating

Rigging screws in accordance with Australian Standards have a factor of safety of 6:1. This relatively high factor is an important safety feature. The safety factor helps to counter possible problems from shock, vibration, fatigue, wear, damage and corrosion. It is important that the safety factor be maintained. When using a rigging screw always check the working load limit (WLL) stamped on the body. If the rigging screw is a custom item, and the WLL has been altered accordingly, then this will be reflected on the body stamping.

Grade L is the original grade of supply for rigging screws. It is from this grade that most of the dimensions of standard rigging screw components are derived. The load ratings of Grade L rigging screws equate to slightly better than mild steel. Although Grade L rigging screws are still favoured in the commercial fishing industry it is now generally an obsolete grade for rigging screws. The use of Grade L rigging screws is now generally limited to stud ended rigging screws which must be soft enough to swage and stub ended rigging screws where weldability is required.


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