Clevis C Hook
Clevis C Hook

Grade 100 Clevis C Hook


$76.62 $88.11 incl. GST



Simple and fast hooking and removal where no safety catch is required – this is where the KCHW clevis C-hook comes into its own! Its hook tip is shaped in such a way as to prevent accidental unhooking when not under load. The chain may be linked to the clevis system easily and speedily, without the need for additional connecting links.

The hook is manufactured in accordance with EN 1677‑1 with the mechanical values for G10, comes with BG-approval, CE-marking and a full operating manual. The KBSW spare parts set consists of a coupling pin and a retaining pin. A competent person will find both the hook and its spare parts set with coupling pin and retaining pin easy and quick to assemble, without the need for special tools.

Provided that it is used under straight pull only and without the tip being loaded, the clevis C-hook is a charming solution indeed.

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