30m retractable block with retrieval winchjpg
30m retractable block with retrieval winchjpg

30M Retractable Block with Retrieval Winch


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This innovative design combines the safety of a fall arrest system with the convenience of a retrieval winch, giving you one of the most versatile cable blocks on the market.

It operates just like our other cable blocks, allowing the user full vertical motion in both directions with the safety of a fall arrest system.

However, in the event of a fall, instead of having to fetch a separate winch to extract the victim, the built in winch allows you lift them to safety immediately.

As a rescue tool, it also enables a rescuer to descend safely to the victim to assess the situation. As a height safety tool, it allows a worker to access difficult spaces before being winched back up by his colleagues.

  • A locking pin on casing allows the block to be easily switched between fall arrest and winch modes
  • Can be mounted on the leg of a tripod using specialised bracket (not included)
  • MBL: 12kN
  • Weight: 14.8kg
  • Length: 30m

CERTIFIED TO: EN 360:2002 AND EN 1496:2006 CLASS A

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