HS818 winch
HS818 winch

Tripod Winch


$4762.07 $5476.38 incl. GST




Comes with an independent reel mode for quick and easy installation of the Winch. HSTRIPODWINCH818 is also equipped with a secondary brake mechanism which reduces the dynamic load impact felt on the user in the event of the fall, to less than 6kN.

To be used for raising or lowering of personnel or material into confined spaces.

  • Equipped with mounting plate and four bolts for mounting to QSI Tripods and Davits
  • Comes with 20m galvanized steel wire rope, 6mm diameter. Up to 40m length available on request
  • Includes swivel steel snap hook as connector
  • Maximum lifting load capacity as per EN 1496: 135 kgs
  • Maximum lifting load capacity as per machinery directive 2006/42/EC : 250 kgs
  • Conforms to EN 1496:2006 (Class B)
  • To be used with retractable fall arrester when raising or lowering of person

Also available with stainless steel wire rope.

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