Chain & Rigging Supplies

Abbreviations commonly used for lifting equipment:

    • S.W.L. Safe Working Load
    • W.L.L. Working Load Limit
    • M.W.L. Maximum Working Load
    • B.F. Breaking Force
    • B.L. Breaking Load
    • g Gram
    • Kg Kilogram
    • Kg/m Kilograms per metre
    • kN Kiloneuton
    • m Metre
    • mm Millimetre
    • M.P.F. Maximum Proof Force
    • J.I.S. Japan Industrial Standard


Goods may have ratings, but are not rated for overhead industrial lifting

1. Chain
    • galvanised, self colour, zinc plated, gold
    • long, regular, short link, logging
    • stud link, mild steel, high tensile, hardened
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2. Lifting Equipment - G80 and G100
    • Grade 80 and Grade 100 chain slings & fittings
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3. Lifting Equipment - Webbing
    • web slings, round slings,
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4. Lifting Equipment - Accessories
    • universal lifting eyes, bearing type swivels, drum lifting clamp sling
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5. Wire Rope & Allied Fittings

    • galvanised, stainless steel & PVC wire rope, thimbles
    • wire rope grips, alloy & copper ferrules, crimping pliers
    • wire rope cutters
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6. Shackles
    • high tensile, rated, carver, Dee, bow, commercial
    • galvanised, black, stainless steel
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7. Hoists
    • Pacific & Vital chain hoists & lever blocks, hoist trolleys
    • electric chain hoists & fittings
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8. Stainless Steel
    • chain, karabiners, shackles, hooks, thimbles, wire rope grips
    • turnbuckles, rigging screws, pulleys, eyebolts, eye nuts, rings
    • ring & eye plates, quick links, ‘s’ hooks, ‘R’ clips, saddles, Dee rings
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9. Transport
    • load binders, hooks, chain, rope, tie downs
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10. Hooks
    • sling, grab, alloy, high tensile, galvanised, rated, eye, swivel
    • brass & nickel plated snap hooks, karabiners
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11. Rope
    • nylon, polyester, yacht braid, braid, shock cord
    • polypropylene, manila, sash cord, spectra
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12. Moorings
    • chain, stud link, hooks, swivels, shackles, rope, mooring buoy
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13. Pulleys
    • snatch blocks, cargo pulleys, PWB off road block
    • sheaves, awning pulleys, stainless steel
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14. Turnbuckles Rigging Screws
    • stainless, galvanised, die-cast
    • turnbuckles - hook/hook, hook/eye, clevis eye, rigging screws
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15. Eye Bolts
    • BS, DIN, US, zinc plated, galvanised, coach eyes
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16. Security Items
    • security chain, master & master lock padlocks
    • PVC security cable
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    • chain joining links, split links, lug links, 'R' clips, linch pins
    • shaft locking pins, drag chains, dog chains
    • boat winch ropes, tally counter, key rings, 'S' hooks
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